Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  Does Rock Solid Cases provide service to International customers?

Yes, we currently provide service to customers in Canada, the United States and around the world.

Q:  How long does it take to have a custom case built?

It will depend on the complexity of your case and our current production schedule.

Q:  How should an object be measured in order to have a custom case built?

Consideration needs to be taken for ALL 3 critical dimensions:

1.  Accuracy in width - (from left of object to the right of object)

2.  Accuracy in depth - (from back of object to front of object

3.  Accuracy in height - (from bottom of object to the top of object)

Q:  What should be considered when having a custom case built?

Here are a few questions to start with:

*  What type of durability is required?  Heavy duty or medium duty?

*  Is there an outside dimensional restriction?

*  What is the weight of the object?

*  Do you need an accessory compartment(s) in the case?

*  Does the case need to lock?

*  Will the case require a foam interior and if so what type of foam & what thickness is required?

*  How will the case  be moved?  Will it need handles only or will casters also be necessary?

*  What type of lid is required?  Hinged or detachable?

*  Will partitions be necessary?

*  What color is required?

*  What exterior look is desired?  Aluminum or ABS plastic bonded to high quality plywood?

Q:  Do you have a case to fit my equipment?

Rock Solid Cases has a case to fit anything and everything that you need to ship.  We design and build our cases around your product, so the case fits your product like a glove.

Q:  What's the price for a custom case?

Since all cases are designed around equipment, pricing depends on what you require of the case, (i.e. latches, corners, foam interior, ABS or Aluminum laminate).  Rock Solid Cases Inc. inside sales team can quote you a price on whatever you need.

Q:  How much does my case weigh?

Case weight depends on many factors, construction (thickness of wood), options (casters, table legs, etc).  This can be roughly estimated at the time of design when all information is obtained.

Q:  Are options included in the cost of the case?

Unless it is a standard line case, such as Pelican or Underwater Kinetics then the answer is no.  Case options, i.e., casters, locks, shipping plates, rear rack rails, etc., are considered additional parts to the cost of the case.

Q:  How do I get a quote?

Call us, E-mail or visit our showroom.

Q:  Is foam important to have in my case?

We understand the importance of having your product arrive at it's destination in perfect condition and the value lost when your product arrives damaged.  Protecting your products with foam is one of the best value-added services we provide.  We have many options available to us in materials and fabricating which allows us to be uniquely qualified to produce the right custom case with foam for your needs.